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6 YO female dog needs a home!!

Bismarck, ND
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Name: t89
Location: Bismarck, ND
6 year old dog needs a home! This dog is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She's a rescue, so she's a little needy as I think she was abused in the past. She doesn't bark at all (only in her sleep sometimes) and she sometimes still flinches when you go to pet her. She just loves being loved and deserves all the love in the world! The vet said he thinks she's about 6 years old. She loves to lay around and listen to music and be lazy, but she also LOVES to run and play. Her favorite game is hide and go seek and she is so good at it. She's just happiest in the company of people. She's a super good listener and potty trained. Devastated to be finding her a new home, but this beautiful dog deserves more than my small apartment can offer her. She's a medium sized dog, about 60 lbs, and spayed. Please consider this amazing girl, she really is so unbelievably special. Message me on here with any questions and I can send pictures to your phone. MUST be a dog lover and must have a yard that she can run and play in.

(I didnt post a picture of my dog because Im looking for genuine dog lovers who read about her personality and love it, and feel like she could be a good fit for their family. So if you feel that way after reading my post, then I can send pictures. Thank you.)

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