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Braddock, ND
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Hallet & Davis Grand (I have many more photos, please request them if interested)




Hallet, Davis & Co. was established in 1835 as Brown & Hallet at 293 Washington Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Brown retired in 1843, and was replaced by George H. Davis. When Davis retired in 1847, Hallet became part of the firm of Hallet, Cumston & Allen. Allen then left the company in 1850, forming Brown & Allen. When Allen withdrew, Hallet & Cumston was formed, building pianos for many years under the names Hallet & Cumston and Hallet & Davis. With the death of George H. Davis in 1879, the firm incorporated as Hallet, Davis & Co., dropping the Hallet & Cumston name. Hallet & Davis manufactured high quality square pianos, grand pianos, upright and player pianos in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Brand names included: Bowan, Underwood and Virtuolo player pianos. After the Great Depression of the late 1920s, Hallet & Davis was acquired by the Aeolian Corp. of New York, and Aeolian built pianos with the Hallet & Davis name until they were out of business by about 1985. For a time the name was applied to pianos manufactured in Korea by Samick Music Corp. In the 1990s, Hallet & Davis & Co. pianos were made in China by the Dongbei Piano Co., manufactured for importer, North American Music Inc. By 2013 they were manufactured in China by the Beijing Hsinghai Piano Group, Silbermann Piano Co. and Parsons Music.


IF APPROX. 5 FEET IN LENGTH: $4,000 - $4,500 (U.S. Dollars)

IF APPROX. 6 FEET IN LENGTH: $5,000 - $6,000

This piano's market value is influenced by its furniture and antique value, especially the fact that it has stylized cabinetry. Due to its age, its value as an instrument is still questionable until a comprehensive inspection of the piano's structure and inner parts is conducted by a qualified piano technician. Because of structural aging of the tuning pin block, soundboard & bridges, pedal trapwork etc.; strings that are well past their life expectancy; and a piano's some 12,000 inner moving parts (including felts, wood, brass and other materials), pianos of this age are most certainly worn to some degree and may require minor to major work done to bring them up to their optimum playing condition.

The condition and the beauty of the piano's cabinet, finish and keys - as well as a piano that is in tune and in decent working order - are the most important factors that will affect the final selling price in a private sale.


Current market value is determined by our expertise as piano technicians; experience of buying and selling pianos; and having appraised thousands of instruments based on knowledgeable appraisal methods. This includes depreciation schedules based on a similar new piano (if applicable); and a market comparison approach to value: the research and analysis comparing sales of property similar enough to the property being appraised to permit detailed comparison, estimating value by comparison with properties sold in the relevant market. Based on these comparisons the appraiser makes adjustments and reconciles the available data, thereby estimating the defined value for each item appraised.

This value is a starting point of consideration that could be a realistic selling price (as opposed to asking price) through a private sale.

Equivalent pianos sold through a piano technician or piano dealer, that include a warranty, can reflect prices 20 to 30 percent greater than our market value estimate.

A more detailed inspection performed by a piano technician in your area may reveal aspects of the piano's condition that could increase or decrease our estimate.

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