How to Contact the Ad Owner with the Messaging System

How to Contact the Ad Owner with the Messaging System
    You can send a message to any ad owner using the BisMan messaging system. This is particularly useful when the ad owner has not provided a phone number, or the phone number provided is not valid. Our messaging system is completely internal. All messages sent or received will remain on, therefore your email address will remain private. As a result, you will have to return to our site to read or respond to your messages.
    To send an ad owner a message, follow the easy steps below:
    To send an ad owner a message YOU NEED TO BE SIGNED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT
    View the ad that you'd like to contact the owner of.
    Click the 'Contact' button and a form will open for you. 

    Type your message to the user; on the bottom there are two check boxes that you can check or un-check, allowing you to easily include your phone number (from your account) and/or your email (from your account). This can be useful when you are asking for more pictures to the item, because pictures cannot be attached to our internal messages and will have to be sent to your personal email account, or your mobile phone. 
    Once your message is complete, Click 'Send Message.'

    ***Important Note*** Sometimes an invalid phone number can be a good indication that the ad is a scam. Please be cautious when dealing with people that don't want to talk over the phone. We would suggest to never send money through the mail expecting to get a product in return. Our site is all about local people and local transactions. Never make a transaction with someone outside of the state or country without speaking with them on the phone