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24' Free Standing Panels, Windbreak Panels, Fence-line Feeder Panels and Adjustable Alleyways

--> We are selling free standing panels manufactured in Canada, and made from high quality materials. They are made in a jig to ensure consistency and a high quality build.The main frame is constructed from 2-7/8" pipe, and stands 68" tall. The corners are cut, and welded at 45 degrees for a clean look, and to prevent sharp edges. The panels come with the option of 4, 5, and 6 bars that are drilled through the uprights for a snug fit but not welded. This allows the rod to flex a bit when stressed, and avoids unnecessary weak points that comes with welding them solid. All bottom joints have a small hole drilled out to allow moisture to drain. 360 degree hinges are available on all models at additional cost.

--> Gates are manufactured from 4' to 16', in 2' increments, and are constructed using 1-3/4" pipe.

--> Windbreak panels follow the same design as the regular free standing panel, however they have two bars top and bottom that hold a 1"x 6" board in an individual slot, with a bottom cross bar spanning the length of the panel to support them.

--> Alleyways are two 24' panels with a common leg and top cross bar that allows for width adjustment by use of a set screw.

--> Fence-line feeder panels are 31' long, built out of 2 7/8" pipe, and are height adjustable.

***Please call for pricing. These panels are affordable, built to last, and kept in stock. If you are in the market for free standing panels, this is a phone call that is well worth your time. You won't be disappointed!

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AND Sales- Linton, ND

Visit our website at for more photos and information

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