Relisting an Ad

How to Relist an Ad on BisManOnline

    You don't have to repost an ad for an unsold item or expired ad. BisManOnline makes it easy for you to relist your ad after it has expired by doing the following:

    Login to your account if you have not yet done so. Click 'Member Center.'

    Under the 'My Ads' section click on one of the tabs (In-Active, Rejected, Expired, or Deleted) This will bring up a list of your ads that can be relisted. Choose the ad you'd like to re-list. Click 'Re-list.' Once completed a message will appear that your ad has been relisted. 
    Note: If you have any upgrades on that ad that need to be repaid for, you'll receive a link to be taken to the checkout process before relisting is completed. ('Complete the payment process')