Alfalfa/Grass Hay - Big Round Bales - Delivery Available
Ryder, ND

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Alfalfa/Grass Hay - Big Round Bales - Delivery Available

I have grass mix alfalfa hay for sale in big round bales. The field started as pure alfalfa but now the mix is about 70% alfalfa and 30% grass. This field is not premium horse hay. It's not rained on, but was cut too late to make that grade, and is lower priced.

Our hay is baled with Vermeer 605N balers making a 5' x 6' bale. All bales are netwrapped with Vermeer netwrap.

The bales are located in our lot, stacked in single rows. Easy access to the state highway. Ready to load with a short notice. Delivery is also available with a 12-bale self-dumping trailer at $4.25/loaded mile.

We have several other types of hay and straw also available. Call or text for quickest reply.


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